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Franchise of UMEX

 The «UMEX Real Estate» company invites to cooperation companies and individuals which are interested in organization of the own Real estate company in their cities with the help of Franchising system.

Franchising - organization of business where the Company «UMEX Real Estate» transfers to an independent person or other company (franchisee) the right to offer the service of the company. The franchisee undertakes to render service according to the rules and norms of business that are already stipulated by the «UMEX Real Estate» as Franchiser. In exchange for realization of all those rules, the franchisee receives the permission to use the name of the Company, its reputation, product and service, marketing technologies, expertise and mechanisms of support. In this way, the accomplishment of the rules and norms is not a shortcoming, on the contrary, their observance means that the franchisee has the very good possibility to make a good profit and to understand the advantage of such investment.

Franchiser «UMEX Real Estate» - the company which gives the license or transfers the right to use its trade mark, know-how and operational systems. «UMEX Real Estate» researches and develops the business, expenses funds to promote it, create good reputation and well-known image. When the Company has proved the efficiency of its business-conception and successful possibility to reproduce such model, this Company can begin to offer it to the entrepreneurs which wish to repeat such success, to buy its franchise.

Franchisee - person or company which buys the possibility of education and help in creating business from «UMEX Real Estate» and pays the service payment (royalty) for using the trade mark, know-how and operational systems of «UMEX Real Estate».

The franchisee makes the initial payment for help in creating and opening of the business. The franchisee undertakes to pay fees for the right to use trade mark and business-system and support, education and consulting provided by «UMEX Real Estate». If everything goes according to the plan, the franchisee has the successful business and his profit surpasses the expenses.

Franchise - a complete business-system that «UMEX Real Estate» transfers to the franchisee. The other name for such system is Franchising packet that usually includes the guides for organizing works, the original software and other important materials belonging to «UMEX Real Estate».

Advantages of franchising for the franchisee of «UMEX Realty»

Franchising means that You have Your own business but You are not alone face to face to all problems and risks. When Franchisee accepts to invest money in a franchising enterprise, he stays anyway the independent owner of the business. Franchisee receives the professional support from «UMEX Real Estate». Such support helps him to avoid mistakes usually made by other entrepreneurs. «UMEX Real Estate» warns Franchisee from making wrong decisions that could harm or completely destroy the Franchisee’s company.

Franchising is the fast and efficient beginning of the business. The franchising system gives information that helps Franchisee to find a good location for his enterprise, to be sure that the business works well and correctly.

Franchisee does not have to worry about problems arising at the beginning, because Franchisee has the experience of «UMEX Real Estate».

Franchising supports Franchisee during the period before the business is started. Franchisee has always the possibility to become a specialist in new business without spending years for education in some business-school or just working in this field. This knowledge are received directly from special educational programs and programs for developing of administrational system, that are transferred by «UMEX Real Estate» to all new Franchisees.

Franchising means the permanent support. After a Franchising office is opened, Franchisee continues to receive the professional consultation from «UMEX Real Estate» about daily maintaining of the business and marketing.

For his Franchisees, «UMEX Real Estate» provides:

  • instructions how to organize the work;
  • the original software «UMEX Real Estate»
  • business-plan;
  • education to all finenesses and secrets of realtor activity in the «UMEX Real Estate»’s office;
  • packet of internal and external documents.

In case if Franchisee has some problems, his first task will be to verify all provided materials and guides, and the most probably he will find there the answer for his questions. However, some specific problems may arise. In this case, Franchisee can always call to «UMEX Real Estate» and ask help. Just because such connection between Franchisee and «UMEX Real Estate» exists, Franchisee’s problems can be resolved with the help of an experienced franchiser.

When an independent entrepreneur begins to develop his business by himself, he must find a way for resolving problems, and see well the probability to make expensive mistakes.

Ideal Franchisee

For Franchisee, Franchising means
“To be in business independently but not alone”.

For us, the ideal candidate to Franchisee is purposeful manager knowing what he wants and observing all rules and regulations of franchising system. He must communicate well with people, because in the future, he will have to deal with clients and his staff.

Franchisee must be honest in business and share the wish of «UMEX Real Estate» to perfect constantly the business system.

Franchisee just must to have pleasure from doing business. The most of people say that they do business to make big money. But the experience shows that the simple wish to make money is not enough for success. What is important, it’s to feel satisfaction from well done work.

Our ideal Franchisee is ready to invest much time and many efforts to his company. Franchisee must be able to assimilate easily new information and to embody it fast, as to be positive and ready to changes staying self-disciplined in frames established by «UMEX Real Estate».

Franchise contract

Franchise contract foresees the license; with this license, Franchisee can use know-how, trade mark and business-system of «UMEX Real Estate». The detailed description of business-system is placed in organizational guide and software.

Franchise contract contains the paragraph where «UMEX Real Estste» undertakes to show to Franchisee all details of functioning of Franchiser’s enterprise. «UMEX Real Estate» also undertakes to learn to Franchisee how to organize and maintain this business. The contract obliges Franchisee to observe all standards of rendering service.