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In Astana and Almaty Kazakhstan citizens are ready to pay for rent of apartments to 200 thousand tenge

24 february 2016

The site "Krisha" found out, tenants are guided by what sum. Having studied thousands of price characteristics recorded in our database in a month in a segment of rent of apartments analysts made a grid of popular inquiries.

It appeared that in Almaty most of potential clients look for for monthly rent one bedroom apartments to  60 thousand tenge, where as in Astana a large number of inquiries is concentrated in  the range of 60-80 thousand. Thus only the few in the southern capital are ready to lay out more than 100 thousand tenges for one bedroom apartment. In Astana in certain cases looked for housing within 150–180 thousand.

In a segment of two bedroom apartments price parameters were limited mainly to 70-80 thousand tenge to Almaty and 70–90 thousand in Astana. The limit values brought by users in a search engine keep at the level of 180-200 thousand tenge.

As for three bedroom apartments, in Almaty preferred to limit the sum, having specified in a line of expanded search value of 100-130 thousand tenge. In Astana looked for 3–4 bedroom apartments for 150-160 thousand tenge a month more often. Thus options which could cost 200 thousand and more were seldom requested.

Most popular search requests in January 2016

Rent apartments in Astana


Most popular searched price

Searched maximum price

1 bedroom appartment

Over than 60000 tenge

150000 - 180000 tenge

2 bedroom appartment

70000 - 80000 tenge

180000 – 200000 tenge

3 bedroom appartment

100000 – 130000 tenge

170000 – 200000 tenge

Rent apartments in Almaty


Most popular searched price

Searched maximum price

1 bedroom appartment

60000 – 80000 tenge

100000 tenge

2 bedroom appartment

70000 – 90000 tenge

180000 tenge

3 bedroom appartment

150000 – 160000 tenge

Up to 200000 tenge

It is not right to tell that preferences of tenants always coincide with the available offers. So, more than 40 % of Almaty one bedroom apartments correspond to the popular  parameter "to 60 000 tenge". In Astana inquiries of sellers are much higher than expectations of buyers. There the huge segment is concentrated in the range of 80-150 thousand. About 4 % of offers fall to the share of the minimum inquiries.

More than 25 % of the two bedroom apartments of Almaty offered users of site quite fit into 70-80 thousand tenge specified by users. Meanwhile in Astana this indicator doesn't exceed 10 %.

More real picture develops rather three bedroom apartments of Astana and Almaty — 36 and 50 % of the market correspond to price inquiries of visitors of the site.


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