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Whether prices in Almaty fell below 1 000 dollars per square?

10 august 2016

Dollar prices for accommodation in Almaty came close to the psychological threshold. The average price proposals in the southern capital from May to July in currency terms fell back to $ 65.

In July, the index of "Krisha" in terms of foreign currency amounted to 1082 dollars per square and experts say that this is not the limit.

Considering the average rate of decline, typical of the last few months, in September-October in the real estate market will come an important moment of transition in the value of three-digit numbers. But in order to bring prices to pre-crisis balance, it is not enough. According to rough estimates in Almaty its have a solid reserve.

For example, in last July  the square meter cost 1767 dollars, at the rate of 187 tenge per dollar was equal to 330,429 tenge. Accordingly, in the course date now (352 tenge per dollar), the dollar value would amount to less than 940 dollars. But even in this case it is possible that the negative trend will come to naught.

The real estate market, on the assumption of some experts, will continue to "act out" the effects of some devaluation. However, this opinion is  shared not  by all. Some of the speakers believe that the price bottom has been reached and prices in the future will only grow, others insist on the minimum cost just ahead.

Alexander Kalinin, deputy chairman of the Board of the Kazakhstan Association of Appraisers stressed that given the sales price, not supply, the line in 1000 dollars has already been passed.

- Finally overcome the psychological barrier of less than a thousand dollars, which for many years hung over sellers. The fact that the index has reached historic lows, it was due to the fact that there was a transfer of price proposals for the tenge. They are down and will decline further. To do this, there are a lot of reasons. But there is no the objective prerequisites for the growth. I believe that in Almaty the real price of a square now stands at 900-920 dollars.

In the opinion of Galina Yaroshenko, the Director General of the Academy "Real City" price bottom has been reached in Almaty and the cost of apartments is acceptable today.

- Consumer demand has started to rise and in autumn it will only increase. As for the price, in the future it will only increase, - the expert is sure.

Earlier, the "Krisha" reported that the record low dollar prices achieved in Astana. The average price proposals in the capital, according to our site, to brake the psychological barrier of $ 1 000. The cost of a square on this week dropped to 986 dollars (347 300 tenge per 1 sq. m at the rate of 352.1 tenge).

Tenge prices, however, remain above pre-crisis levels, and there is still no certainty that this balance is restored. Analysts emphasize that everything will depend on the activity of the market and potential buyers of options.

Authors: Irina Milayarova Alina Buravtseva | Photo: